Areas of expertise

Areas of expertise

Barmoro & Westlund Advokatbyrå offer expertise in most areas within law, e.g. family law, business
law and labor law. Our experience and our commitment combined with understanding of your clients
conditions, make us the right law firm for you.

Business law

We can help you with everything from contract law, purchase law and association law to consumer

Labor law

Whether your case concerns questions about your individual employment relationship (individual
labor law) or collective agreement issues, as well as employee and employers' organizations
(collective labor law), we are the right agency for you.

Asylum law

We have extensive experience in all matters concerning the right of foreign nationals to reside in
Sweden. Contact us if you have questions about your application to work or start a business, and to
visit, live or get shelter in Sweden and become a Swedish citizen.

Company law

Our company has solid experience in e.g. company law.

Criminal cases

We undertake assignments as public defenders, plaintiffs and special representatives of children.

Economic crime cases

We undertake assignments as public defenders and provide advice on crimes against e.g. creditors,
bribes and corruption, tax crimes, bankruptcy, insider dealing and company secrets.

Family law and estate administration

Family law deals with legal issues of marriage, cohabitants, parenthood, legacy, wills and the like. We
have the experience and dedication needed to help you, for example, with disputes concerning
custody and access rights with children, occupations and property, the preparation of wills,
marriages and joint agreements. We can also provide answers to questions about the conclusion and
termination of marriage and partnership etc.

Property Law and Construction Law

For you who have questions about errors in work done on property, apartment or construction.

Insurance and compensation

Insurance law and tort law also include issues relating to the conclusion of the insurance contract
and interpretation as matters relating to damages within and beyond the contractual relationship.

Bankruptcy management

We have many years of experience in assignments as bankruptcy managers and work on a daily basis
with various insolvency issues.

Company reconstruction and insolvency

Corporate reconstruction involves a procedure whereby a legal person, who is deemed to have a
good business idea but who for some reason has suffered from financial constraints, can be
reconstructed without bankruptcy. We undertake assignments as reconstructors and can provide you
with tips and advice regarding reconstructions.

Dispute settlement

When disagreement arises as to how an agreement is to be applied/interpreted, any form of dispute
resolution must be established. We can represent you both in court proceedings and arbitration